A blog about anything, but not everything

This isn’t my first blog, but it will be a bit different than my previous ones. I’ve written on various topics over the years, from tropical fish, to beer, coffee, and wine , business, sports, and Christian faith. Blogs, articles, even a book. My interests in life are as varied as my tastes in music. For example, just the A’s and B’s of my iPad music selection includes Aerosmith, Alien Ant Farm, Andy Gibb, Amy Grant, Ashes Remain, The Beatles, B.B. King, Bing Crosby, Blink 182, Brian Setzer, and the Buzz Poets to name a few. So instead of focusing my writing on one topic I’ll focus on my observations and passions in my life, and feed the pertinent topics to the Roast for Change and Lean Renaissance blogs.

So unlike the Seinfeld episode about a show about nothing, this blog could be about anything. But it won’t be about everything. Odds are I’ll stick close to my typical interests above but expand to perhaps include cars, art, photography, travel, and other topics that interest me without feeling constrained to writing on one topic. Life’s too short to not enjoy the time we’re given, and as they say: variety is the spice of life.


I’d also like to introduce my traveling companion: Bug. One of the topics I’ve been wanting to cover is travel, and Bug goes everywhere with me. So instead of starting another dedicated blog, expect to see some installments from “The Travel Bug.” On our last trip he was enjoying some of the local wines of Southern Italy.

So welcome to the Aaron Outspoken blog. Part random thoughts, part thinking out loud, hopefully sometimes cohesive and well thought out, but in the end all from the heart. And if you would ever like to read my thoughts on a specific topic, let me know. Thanks for reading.





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