Business idea – Office Cubicle Personalization

I often have ideas for businesses that I think have merit, but there's no way I have time to pursue them all. Why not share the ideas and see if anyone else wants to pursue them? This idea comes from the convergence of my work in an office building and my interest in cars. It's becoming very common to use vinyl to wrap portions of cars or even the entire car to change colors. The same techniques are used to wrap cars for advertising. So those Geico or Red Bull cars you might see, they're most likely vinyl wrapped.

My idea is to take this same practice and apply it to the office cubicle. Below is a fairly common cubicle color scheme:


At least this one has some space and a window! But it's dominated by black panels and a little bit of gray! I'm not sure who thinks this is the best way to create a productive, creative workspace, but I can say that every place like this that I've worked at has executive offices with much nicer decorations, including artwork.

Now, using vinyl wrapping, we could transform all of the black metal panels into a nicer color or even a scene. Imagine being greeted by a tropical beach scene instead of a black wall! The vinyl is removable so it can be changed or taken off when needed without damaging the cube farm. A possible side business could be the design and installation of cube makeovers in more urban markets. It would even be possible to put new removable fabric coverings over the cube walls themselves!

Anyway, I think this is a great idea that could make some good income with relatively limited capital investment. With all the sales of vinyl stickers for car windows and lettering for walls, I think this use of vinyl is a good complement. So let me know how it works out if you give this a go.



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