First photos from the AE-1

The 30 year old camera works! I just got the negatives and CD back from Walgreens of the first roll of film I shot in my “new” AE-1 Program. Most of the roll is a little overexposed for my tastes, but that could be the processing or maybe I just need to stay 1 stop less than the meter on the camera. These four photos were all shot in full manual on Fuji 200 film. Not bad for the first test photos!


Daffodil 1/250 sec at f/4.5, macro zoom lens
Waterfall, 1/4 sec at f/16, 50mm lens
Robin egg, 1/125 sec at f/4.5, macro zoom lens
Brodie waiting for the ball, 1/60 sec at f/8, 50mm lens.

I have seven different films arriving today. I’ll share the results of each roll, but I think I’ll send them to a professional lab, along with the current roll of Fuji 200 that’s in the camera. Overall, I’m happy with the results. I got at least the same number of keepers I would out of 24 digital shots, and 11 of these we’re metering tests of the camera to verify everything worked. Looking forward to better film, better processing, and hopefully better skill from me.



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