The Internet Time Machine

2.12.11 447

Last week I became aware of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. It’s billed as a web archive and is further proof that things on the internet rarely go away.  When I found it, I decided to do a test.  About a decade ago, I did some writing for an online and print magazine called Beer Advocate.  Like many online communities, it changed rapidly from it’s early beginnings and grew into something that didn’t hold my interest, but they’ve done well and I’m happy for the Alstom Brothers that founded it.  Using the Wayback Machine, I was able to find my original article in about 3 minutes.

Here’s the link: Almost Heaven?

The case of Kelt beer above is from about the same time period – that beer is long gone, the empty bottles and case were sold not too long ago, but the article lives on.  Really make you wonder how the college kids graduating today will feel about the content they’re generating today when they look back at it in the year 2025.



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