Cameras #3, 4, & 5! All Minolta!

Minolta XG-M (Camera #4), X-370 (#5), 5 lenses, and 3 bags of accessories

Camera #3 – another Minolta Maxxum 5
I picked up three more cameras yesterday, so in the span of 24 hours I’ve brought 4 Minoltas home.  But for every thing, I spent less than I did on my Canon AE-1 and the first 2 lenses.  The latest three came to life with new batteries, and everything seems to be in working order.  The Maxxum 5 came with the exact same non-Minolta bag as the first Maxxum 5 I bought a day earlier.  The X-370 has a really cool sounding shutter!  And the XG-M has some sort of mirror in the finder that displays the aperture from the lens.  Cool stuff!

All three have been loaded with the Fuji Superia 400.  I’ll try to run a roll through each camera and get it developed next week to see if everything seems to be working well.  The manual focus Minoltas (Minolti?) included a relatively fast f3.5 135mm lens and an f4 70-200mm zoom.  The 135mm  looks pretty sweet while I was just messing around last night.  I’ll try to be disciplined with note taking – but I really just enjoy taking the pictures.  Maybe the only disappointment was the f 2.0 50mm lens, because event he 1.7 on the Canon elt limiting at times, but I’m sure I could find a 1.4 Rokkor for much less than a Canon FD 1.4 if I decide to keep the older Minolti.

For Camera #2, I was informed the battery cover was out of stock, so the search continues for either a replacement part or the add-on battery pack.  At least I have a second Maxxum 5 to shoot for now.  I also confirmed the shutter problem on the AE-1P is not battery related, so it will be going back to KEH for warranty repair very soon.

Now to get back to shooting and out of “Camera Acquisition” mode!   But it is fun to experience all these different cameras that I couldn’t afford as a child for pennies on the dollar today.  And once I confirm they work, I’ll likely be able to sell them for at least what I paid – and that’s what makes it so tempting to keep buying and trying “new” film cameras.


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