Svema 64 Black & White FIlm

This roll of Svema 64 was shot in the Canon AE-1P.  Overall, I like the results.  A few shots showed more grain than I’d like, some of the subjects I chose didn’t have enough contrast.  But a few of the images really appealed to my eye.  For example, this shot from the cemetery beside our church:


Angled Row of Headstones
Angled Row of Headstones

The three-dimensional look, contrast, and the way the shadows mirror the aging row of headstones just speaks to me.  I’ll probably have this one printed along with some other favorites on good silver paper.  Honestly, I thought using this film would just be cool to try, since it’s from the Ukraine and I’d never heard of it.  I got it from the FPP Store.  But I’ll get some more in the future.  I hope you enjoy some of the other selected images from this roll.


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