Kodak 400 TX – June 2014

Main Street - New Martinsville
Main Street – New Martinsville, WV

These days I try to take one of my cameras with me most of the time.  That leads to more of an eclectic assortment of photos on many of the rolls I shoot, versus the binge shooting I was doing with digital, where I’d have 300 pictures of some city I visited, then a dozen of a car, then another 200 in some other location.  But I had virtually nothing of every day life.

This roll has a nice assortment of subject matter, but overall I find the pictures “flat”.  I’m glad I did a critical look at this today, because I was getting ready to order film and was tempted to stock up on this at Freestyle because it’s 20% off, but I think now I’ll limit what I buy.  That being said, I do like the results of some of the photos, and most of the problems I see are my issues, but for whatever reason I just don’t get the emotional connection of this film capturing what I see like I have with the Svema 64 or even the Eastman Double X.

During rewind, I had a camera malfunction, so I did lose one exposure and had some fogging on others.  That may have had an impact on some of the photos, but even the ones that were not affected have the same look and feel, so I think it’s just what this film and camera combo are going to provide.  But I’m not going to write it off – I enjoy experimenting with film stock right now, so maybe 400TX requires some filters to get the most out of it.  I’m just not going to load up on it by buying 10 rolls right now.

The pictures I most hoped would turn out well are the ones of the water evaporating from the fence in the morning sun.  As luck wold have it – this is exactly where the film jammed on rewind!  One frame was lost, but three survived.  I was also pleased with the look of the few indoor shots I took.  They had better contrast, and I sort of like the way the natural side lighting captured the moment.


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