Camera test – Minolta Maxxum 5


Switching back and forth from the late 70’s/early 80’s technology of the Minolta manual focus cameras to the 90’s technology of the Maxxum 5 is quite an enlightening experience.  It’s amazing how much things changed in about a decade.  Autofocus, much lighter, better metering.  Even the glass of the lenses seems better.  I used two lenses on this roll, and I can’t tell the difference between the Sigma 28-90mm and the Minolta 28-80mm in the resulting image quality – yet.

Using a roll of Fuji 200 from the same box I did the initial AE-1 photos, I got much sharper, more saturated images.  I did shoot some in program mode, some in Shutter priority, some in aperture priority.  Every shot turned out OK.  I was even able to hand it to someone else and get a good shot.  The indoor shots look almost as good as Portra – I can’t wait to see what Portra and B&W films look like from this camera! It weighs about half of what the Canon or Minolta MF bodies weigh.  I can shoot faster.  The film auto loads.  And I can buy them cheap.  🙂

Using the Maxxum, I fell in love.  Even before I saw the results, I just clicked with this camera.  It feels right.  My wife likes it too.  Everyone who has picked it up so far likes this camera.   So, when I want a softer, grittier look to my photos or I want more of that “vintage” look, I’ll pick up one of the Manual focus cameras.  Or maybe I’ll shoot with the Ikon Contina.  But for the foreseeable future, the Maxxum 5 will be my primary camera, especially for travel.


One thought on “Camera test – Minolta Maxxum 5

  1. I have two Maxxum 5 stashed in my closet, they are small and packed with features, and usually fairly cheap. However I don’t use them often, I tend to use 70s or older Minoltas more often.


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