Camera test – Minolta Maxxum 5 too!

Paper Delivery!
Paper Delivery!

I bought two Minolta Maxxum 5’s in 2 days.  This one needed a replacement battery door.  I used the expired Fuji 400 in this camera – it’s a roll from the same box as I used in the XG-M and X-370.  While not as much pop and saturation as the fresh Fuji 200 in the other Maxxum 5, it is still a more pleasing result than the older cameras – to my eye at least.  Also – I can’t see a difference between the Sigma 28-90mm and the Minolta 28-80mm on this camera body either. But the Sigma is a macro, which is useful at times.

There’s a lot of indoor and shots from overcast days while the church was preparing our float for the Fourth of July Parade.  Overall, the results give me the confidence to shoot any film in this camera.  Coming soon – B&W and Slide film!  I never felt comfortable enough with the AE-1P to shoot slide film.  It’s new to me, and I hear it doesn’t have much “latitude” or forgiveness regarding correct exposure.

I’ve been shooting in various cities in Italy the last several days and will be sending rolls of film out for developing tomorrow.  Today it’s just nice to be home.  I took a wide selection of films, so hopefully I’ll cover most of rest of the 18-20 film stocks I wanted to try in the coming weeks!   I didn’t focus on shooting every new stock – I just shot whatever film I thought would capture what I was seeing.  The pair of Maxxum 5’s were my cameras of choice for the trip, and I added a Minolta 100-300 APO tele zoom for the trip.

Hers’ some shots from the expired Fuji 400 in the Maxxum 5:


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