Rome – July 2014: Captured on Ektar


Rome Ektar-6

I landed in Rome on my most recent visit to Italy, so a Sunday afternoon photo walk seemed like a good way to fight off the fatigue of a 9-hour flight.  It was a busy Sunday afternoon, but mostly overcast.  The forecast had been for bright clear sun a week prior to departure, and changed to rain the day before I left.  For the trip, I used my pair of Maxxum 5’s – one loaded with color and the other with B&W.

I appreciate the history, but I often forget the names of places I’m seeing, and I enjoy the travel so much that I never think to write down the names of places – I really like being in the moment.  SO my apologies for not giving you wiki-pedia level information – or even a starting name to Google in many cases.

Over the course of the 11 days I was in Italy, I worked a lot, but I still managed to shoot 17 rolls of film.  Then I managed to erase 4 rolls at JFK security.   Out of this, I covered all the remaining film stocks I had except for Fuji Velvia and 400H, so I’m hopefully closing in on a handful I’ll want to shoot on a regular basis.

My initial thoughts on my first roll of Ektar – It’s a decent film, but for the price, I think it will be hard for me to keep some around.  These color shots of architecture on a mostly overcast day are good, but I shot another stock after this roll that captured the colors of Rome more accurately – at least to my eye.  And honestly, Fuji Superia gives me better saturation and contrast, so for “every day shooting” or times when I want some pop I’ll probably go that direction.

As far as Roma is concerned, well it was my first Italian city, and I hadn’t been there since January  2013.  In fact, this is my first trip ever to Italy in the summer. I was amazed by the amount of people compared to the other three seasons of the year!  I was also struck by the fact that many major tourist attractions are under renovation, including the Colosseum (technically the Flavium Ampitheater – the Colossus was a statue nearby) and Trevi Fountain.  So I tried to minimize the crowds in my shots – just a personal choice – except for when necessary or I thought the crowd told part of the story.

The people of Rome are friendly, I enjoy Rome and it’s classic history, and I’d say it’s in my top 3 places to visit in Italy so far.  For years I’ve felt the American society is repeating the fatal societal flaws of Ancient Rome.  They reached their peak, were the world superpower, and then got fat, dumb, and happy and eventually faded away. Maybe 2000 years from now some of the Great American cities will be tourist destinations to take pictures of the ruins too.  Don’t despair – one of my favorite buildings is the Palazzo Vittorio Emanuele, which was built in the late 19th Century.  Viva Roma!  Except when the play Napoli in Serie A.  🙂



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