Night falls on Genoa – Captured on Portra 400

Bug trying to see some of Genoa
Bug trying to see some of Genoa

When I travel, I’m usually alone.  Except for the guy in the photo above.  We call him “Bug.”  Yes, I know my creative genius is blinding.  Bug started travelling the world with me in 2011 when I went to Japan – right before the Tsunami.  Luckily I missed that horrible natural disaster by a few weeks.  Bug has been on all my international trips since then, and I usually grab some shots of him in various locales using my iPad or phone – sometimes with landmarks, sometimes with people.  Often in the hotel room – as in this one.

This trip to Genoa in July 2014 was almost in and out.  I arrived from Naples by train late Wednesday night and departed Friday afternoon.  That gave me one night in Genoa.  Unfortunately, I was asked to go to dinner with a CEO and a couple other executives, so photo ops would be limited.  However, the hotel I stayed at – The Grand Hotel Savoia – had a nice rooftop cafe, so I ordered a Negroni from Filippo, grabbed the camera, and took a couple shots.

One drink turned to three, eventually I received a call they wouldn’t make it to dinner, so I spent my one evening in Genoa on that roof talking to a retired Aussie who was travelling Europe.  At least Christina was a joy; she had some great stories.  As a bonus, I got a chance to experiment with evening photos and Portra 400.

The end result convinces me I can trust the meters in these Maxxum 5 cameras.  The first two shots with different exposures look about the same – thanks to Portra.  The silhouette from the balcony and the following shot of Principe have the same color in the sky – seems like the metering is working well in the camera.  The vignetting just happened – must be some falloff in the lens.  But I really don’t mind it at all.

All shots done without a tripod – just did my best to stabilize as well as I could using the railing or table for support.  Not a lot of variety this time – just a progression of light.




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