Giving up coffee

Saying Goodbye to the Rancilio
Saying Goodbye to the Rancilio

Last year, I put my rebuilt Rancilio S27 into service.  Finally, I could enjoy good espresso in my own home, whenever I wanted.  The long term thought was to eventually build a coffee cart and try to bump up sales revenue and profit from the coffee roasting business by working some local farmer’s markets and festivals and introducing people to real, sweet, syrupy Neapolitano espresso.

While I did start selling more espresso beans, the logistics, permitting, and capital investment were more significant than we were ready for this year.  Then my early retirement idea of sailing away and cruising the world (or probably just the Americas) seemed possible, so we made the decision to cease coffee operations in favor of focusing on another pursuit.

Which started some introspection for me personally.  As I wrote on another blog, I try to make improvements in my personal life.  So as I looked at my personal coffee habit, I decided it was doing more harm than good – especially if I ever really plan to sail away.  It was difficult for me to function in the morning without coffee.  So, a couple weeks ago I gave up coffee (and I notice I haven’t been writing much lately, so that was probably a side effect of the adjustment!)

Tomorrow, my espresso machine, grinder, and accessories will head to Virginia – she’s sold.  It’s funny that when I bought it, my wife mentioned it could just become a 75# boat anchor.  And now it’s moving on to someone else as we prepare to buy a boat, and probably a new anchor, sometime in the future.  It’s just the first of many things that will be sold as part of our eventual downsizing if we are to become cruisers.  And it feels good!


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