Changing perspective

How much stuff can you really fit on a sailboat anyway?
How much stuff can you really fit on a sailboat anyway?

As I consider the possibilities of living on a sailboat for extended periods of time, I find my decision-making is already being affected.  In between the countless hours of reading various blogs about the cruising lifestyle and looking at boats for sale, I find myself considering potential purchases much more critically.  Partly for the money, but more for the consideration of the fact that it won’t be going with us on the boat, so it would just be one more thing to get rid of in the not-to-distant future.

Things like new clothes and new shoes; glassware; artwork.  We like to go to estate sales and flea markets, but lately I have been finding little of interest.  Even my desire for guitars is somewhat tamed right now – not that I buy a lot of them, but I’m always drawn to them.  On the other hand, my list of books that I want to read is getting longer, so it’s not like I’m considering ceasing all purchases.

As I was cleaning up the downstairs “man cave” and listing the espresso machine for sale, I found several other things that could be moved onto new homes.  An old subwoofer, a chair, a few cameras, some miscellaneous things.  It might even be time to thin the blu-ray collection; I’ll keep that under consideration.  And I’m buying less wine and drinking some of my older bottles in an effort to start reducing the total number of bottles instead of working to increase it.

I don’t expect us to have a boat until next year, so maybe this is all pre-mature, but I think that I’m starting to work towards simplifying now so it will be easier to transition later.  Whatever happens with the sailing dream, it seems that one thing I’m looking forward to is simplifying our lives.  And that I can start on now.


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