Vernazza – Captured on Velvia

Vernazza - #1 in the Cinque Terre for me
Vernazza – #1 in the Cinque Terre for me

Vernazza.  This is where my idea to retire to a sailboat was first consciously realized!  I had enjoyed my visits to the other villages in the Cinque Terre, and Vernazza was the last of the 5 that I planned to visit.  I did this primarily because the Festa di Santa Margherita was scheduled for the last day of my visit, so I thought that would be the best day to be there.

I spent a couple hours on Saturday and about 6 hours on Sunday in Vernazza. I bartered with some of the vendors that lined the street, enjoyed locally made lemoncino and birra, had some of the best gelato ever, and even spent a while talking to an Australian family on a European holiday.   While I would have loved to stay longer in the Cinque Terre, I’m glad I made an effort to find my favorite village and then spend as much time as I could there.

I bought my wife some earrings in a shop called Katrina.   Great little place, actually owned by a young lady named Brittany from Texas in the USA.  As we talked, I shared my idea of the sailboat and possibly doing day or week charters in the area.  I figured what the heck – she doesn’t know me but she knows the area.  She thought it was a great idea.  She also liked Bug.

Bug with Katrina - from the iPad mini.
Bug with Brittany – from the iPad mini.


Even with the festival, Vernazza didn’t feel as crowded as Riomaggiore, or Manarola.  It just felt welcoming.  I hope to one day experience what it is like outside of the peak season.  Just purely by luck, I shot all of my photos in Vernazza on Fuji Velvia 50.  I must say – I love this film!  It is absolutely awesome, and pretty much every shot looks like I remember it.

I had never shot slide or chrome film before.  Until recently, I probably didn’t know it existed, and once I learned about it all I heard was how accurate you had to be on your exposures.  Since the Maxxum 5 seems so accurate with exposure metering,  I finally decided to give it a try.  All I can say is it is my favorite film so far for capturing vistas and landscapes.  Portra is still awesome for people-focused pictures, but I hope to take Velvia on more trips in the future.



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