Working towards our Freedom

One day I’ll trade in this commute – and maybe get away from myself…..

This church sign says “Go to church to get away from yourself.”  Every week, we trade our time and a large portion of our lives for money.  Supposedly this is to survive, but more and more it seems we do it to keep up with society.  We often trap ourselves by building a lifestyle that utilizes a large portion of what we earn, and put away some (if we’re lucky) for that day some 45 years later when we can finally retire.

I’ve read many comments on why people started cruising on sailboats, and this was one of the biggest themes: they wanted to stop trading their life for money and their money for things.  It’s also common that they were intrigued by the freedom sailing provides, and I think a combination of those two is why it is calling me.

Our goal is to develop an income stream to where we can generate $1500 or more a month of location-independent cash flow to support the cruising lifestyle, and pay for the boat next year purely from this revenue to prove that it could potentially buy our freedom. So here’s the update from month one:

Sailboat Account balance: $1300.

Each month, I’ll post progress, but I’m pretty happy with $1300 in the first month.  Especially since this was after making a charitable donation that was more the 50% of our annual donation from the coffee business – and we’ll keep making that donation every month.

I’m reminded of a Cajun we knew named Lloyd who used to say “I work to get me a little money ahead of myself so I can live like a king.”  Supposedly down in the bayou of Louisiana, $4,000 let him make it through the off season with no worries.  Nice.

There’s still work to do to make it entirely mobile, but it’s a good start!  Hopefully in September we can actually get out and visit some boats instead of just going through the sale ads on



One thought on “Working towards our Freedom

  1. “…stop trading their life for money and their money for things.” Also our exact reason for wanting to escape the current American Dream. We’ve been spending at least an hour a day on, too HA!


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