Rome – Captured on Fuji Neopan SS

Temple of Saturn
Temple of Saturn

As part of my continuing experimentation with film stocks, I shot a roll of Fuji Neopan SS 100 in Rome.  I captured images from the Ancient Roman ruins behind the Vittorio Emannuelle, as well as some images from Sant’angelo and Trastavere, and along Via Cavour as I walked back towards Roma Termini.

Overall, Neopan appears to be relatively fine grained, but also somewhat low contrast.  Admittedly it was an overcast day, so it wasn’t a great test under ideal conditions.  But Kodak Tri-X shot in the same camera under the same conditions on the same day produced results that more accurately capture what I’m seeing.   Neopan is very clean, and the highlights are very strong – whites really pop.  The images just seem a little “flat” to me – but then again the light was flat, so maybe this is just super-realistic film.

I do like how it captured the clouds very well – even in overcast conditions.

Of course, there’s one thing I’m really overlooking – how would they look when printed on true Black & White photo paper?  That’s probably something worth checking out in the near future.  For now – I hope a get the right identifications on the images.




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