Patience is a Virtue

Early Morning in Cheng Du
Early Morning in Cheng Du, China

“If we’re going to make it on a sailboat you are going to have to learn to be patient!”

After getting caught at EVERY traffic light on a Sunday morning – sitting for 1-3 minutes at a time watching no cars moving anywhere because there’s no traffic – I took a detour around the last one that stopped us and saved us all of about 20 seconds.  My wife was right – I do need to be more patient when driving, but it’s usually because I hate being late.  Part of the dream of sailing is not having to worry about a schedule where minutes make much of a difference, so hopefully I can make the adjustment once we get out there.

Getting out there; that’s where I feel very impatient right now.  I don’t know how other couples did it – the ones with a plan and deadline to get out cruising.  We’re only contemplating the possibility and I find it difficult at times to not just get of the hamster wheel of life, leave the Rat Race, buy a sailboat and start over.  Maybe having a defined departure makes it easier, but I doubt it.  Right now all we have is a loosely defined plan to learn to sail and buy a boat to get started locally.  But that’s more than we’ve ever had before, and we first talked about buying a boat about 17 years ago!

The rest of 2014 will be spent looking at sailboats for sale, dreaming, and working on saving money.  In January we plan to take the PA Safe Boating Course for our state certifications.  February will be a trip the Miami Boat show for the Cruising for Couples seminar and our initial classroom “Learn to Sail” course.  Then in May we start Sailing Classes at a local club.

Moraine Sailing Club, offers a lot of classes and has a fleet of Sunfish and Flying Scot sailboats.  In addition to sailing education classes they also have race days on most Saturdays during the sailing season.  So our plan is to join the club, learn to sail, then learn to race and participate in race days, hopefully using their fleet of small boats through the Community Sailing Program.  This will allow us to learn to sail on a small boat while not needing to buy a boat right away.

Then, if we find a “starter” boat we like at any point next year – we can buy it.  The goal with the first boat is just to spend some nights and long weekends on the boat, start learning basic maintenance, and learn what we like and what we don’t like so we can make a better decision when we buy the future cruising boat. Oh- and to spend as much time on the water as possible next summer!

Originally we had planned to go to the Annapolis Show in October, but can’t make it due to other commitments.  So now instead of being 1 month away from the first real “step” on our journey, we’re 4 months away.  (Sigh.)

Time to work on a fall reading list for sailing material!


One thought on “Patience is a Virtue

  1. Hi. This is exactly how I returned to sailing in the Pittsburgh area. That was 6 years ago. Being involved with the MSC club really helped. Although I “sailed” as a kid for many years, the LTS program gave the basics of how to sail well. And by participating in the Races and other activities, I now sail fluently. All the best to you, and success in reaching your dreams.


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