Feel good – do something for a stranger…

July 30 2010 083


Walking on a beach at sunrise.  Waking without an alarm clock.  Ballroom dancing with my beautiful wife.  Finding an improvement at work that saves the company thousands or even millions of dollars.  Playing around with some new blues licks on guitar.  These are all things that make me feel good.  But the one thing that truly lifts my spirit and is completely guilt free is doing something good for someone I don’t know.

Last night, our band had the privilege to play for some homeless families through an organization called Family Promise.  Actually more like “houseless” because they’re just without a place to live for whatever reason, and most of these families will have housing within weeks or a few months.

After 90 minutes of praising God with these folks, inviting them to sing and play our instruments if they wanted, and playing a lot of our songs that are “too loud for church”, I think we all left in good spirits.  The families and the band laughing, having a good time, all of us pulled away from whatever our concerns in life were for at least a little while.  I still feel good this morning.

So go do something for a stranger.  Help them.  Make their day, and expect nothing in return.  You’ll probably find you help yourself even more every time you try it; I know I do.




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