Another Step Closer

July 30 2010 048
We share a kiss on North Swan Beach, North Carolina.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment last month regarding the progress towards sailing away and taking a break from it all is the language my lovely wife is using.  What was a crazy dream in July and August has now become “when we’re on a sailboat…” as we discuss certain topics.  While she’s not ready, she’s embracing the possibility of the idea.  She’s also a little surprised at the progress we made last month on the sailboat fund – as am I:

Current Sailboat Fund Balance: $3800!

We gave just as much to charity last month again – so in 2 months we’ve given more than we used to in an entire year with the coffee business.  I bought a used guitar (a Line 6 JTV Variax – specifically for use in our Praise & Worship team at the church.  Maybe more on that another time.) and sold a guitar  for almost a net balance.  It was just a really good month for the side business.

In fact, by the middle of September my revenues were the highest ever in one month for any of my side jobs – ever!  Actually – it was more than I earned per month probably the entire first 3 years we were married.  Which is good, because I have international trips for my real job in October, November, and December, and between them and the photography class I’ve missed some opportunities and know I will continue to do so.  But that only reinforces the potential in my mind of this to support us.

So far I have no doubt we’ll be able to buy a basic 27-30 foot sailboat next year to experience some nights and weekends aboard and the beginning “joys” of boat ownership and maintenance.  I’m not leaning towards a cruiser – just a capable boat with an inboard engine that will occasionally sail the rivers when conditions permit it.  Then hopefully in the not too distant future we can be kissing and relaxing on various beaches as part of our new lifestyle instead of just an annual vacation.

Dream.  Set goals.  Live Life.  Push your personal boundaries.  You never know how far you can go if you don’t try.


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