Ghent, Belgium captured on Delta 3200

St. Michael's Church and Bridge - Ghent, Belgium
St. Michael’s Church and Bridge – Ghent, Belgium

A few months ago I tried to shoot some Delta 3200, but it met an unfortunate end with an airport security scanner during a moment of jet-lagged negligence.  Three months later, I have successfully taken a roll of Delta 3200 to Belgium and back, developed the film, and printed some 8″ x 10″ enlargements.

I must say – I’m impressed.  I was expecting this really gritty-looking image, but the grain isn’t exceptionally heavy, even pushed to 3200.  I developed in Dektol, nothing special.

I was really hoping I wouldn’t like it since it’s $11 a roll!  But with the results I got both in the evening and at night with no tripod I’m definitely keeping this in my stash at all times.

Right now I’m using a simple all-in-one desktop printer scanner, so image quality is great, but it’s pretty representative, although slightly lower contrast and “pop” than the actual prints. The grain is also accentuated by the scans – it’s not that evident on the prints.

As far as Ghent, all I can say is if you ever get the chance, go!  I was only there four hours.  I was really undecided about whether I should make the run to Ghent for such a short visit or just spend more time in Antwerp or Brussels, but again I’m glad I went. Time enough to walk the historic area, eat dinner, and a have a few beers.

I would go back in a heartbeat.  The photos alone were worth it, but the memories and experiencing the beauty of the city at night is hard to put into words.Wonderful people, great food, amazing beer, and absolutely beautiful architecture.  One of my favorite European cities so far.

Even though my developing and print making are still very elementary and filled with technical faults, it is so rewarding to know I controlled the process from beginning to end and to hold those 8×10’s in my hand.  After getting more comfortable with the process, I’m considering buying some 5×7 paper and  doing enlargements of every image that looks interesting.  It’s much less expensive than the developing and scanning I was paying for, and I’ll have the prints which I can scan at home quickly at good enough quality for now.  Plus, making prints is just too much fun.

Bottom line – go shoot some Delta 3200 if you want to capture some low-light images, and go to Ghent if you get the chance.



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