Working on your dreams when life is crazy


Our new addition - Brisby
Our new addition – Brisby

Business trips outside the country.  A wedding anniversary.  Home repairs.  A wedding.  Classes two nights a week.  Getting a new puppy. Not sleeping much.  Playing live music on a moving parade float. A weekend in Belgium.

October was a very busy month.  I didn’t work on the side business much, but we still had some revenue come in.  Enough so that after I bought yet another guitar (I’m done now; my wife says so!) we still made progress towards the sailboat.

Current Sailboat fund balance: $4,200

For November, I do have some work to do and I’m also starting to work on a new product idea.  But I also have a full calendar for my “real job”and a few end of year donations to make, so hopefully between November & December we make progress on the sailboat fund.

I also have some more rolls of film to share and photos from at least two assignments in November.  Adding Brisby to the mix consumed my writing time while we adjusted to a new routine amidst a busy workload.   He’s an 11-week old Australian Shepherd from a miniature line, so he should end up around 25 pounds.  I’m starting to think we should have called him “Taz” though, because he can be a little devil sometimes and he zooms all over the place, even doing little spins now and then!  Expect photos from him and Brodie the Golden Retriever for my upcoming “portrait” assignment.

While October and November may slow our progress a little, it’s only because we’re doing the things we’ve put into our life by choice.  It’s not a negative – at least we don’t see it that way.  If we did, we’d make some adjustments and clear some things from our schedule.

We do that a few times a year – take stock of where we spend our time and decide if it’s adding value to our lives.  Sometimes we decide to stop doing something, and often throughout the year we say “no” to opportunities or requests for our time.  Since it is November, many people are setting goals for 2015 right now.  If you’re one of them, include a review of where you spend your time.  Then decide what changes you want to make in 2015.

My major decision right now is whether to take another photography class.  I’m leaning towards “no” to the class but becoming an associate member at Pittsburgh Filmmakers to have access to the darkrooms and equipment.  It’s a minor thing, but it’s 4 hours every week – plus the time shooting – that I could spend somewhere else.  What things should you be saying “no” to next year so you can work on your dreams?


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