Order Out of Chaos assignment

What are you running from?
What are you running from?

A couple of weeks ago our assignment in B&W photography was “Order Out of Chaos” or “The Decisive Moment”, as in Henri Cartier-Bresson.  It meant composing an image that would only be there at that moment, or to create some sort of order out of apparent randomness.

Also, since I tend to utilize the Rule of Thirds and Triangular Composition in most of my photos, I was given an additional challenge to shoot nothing triangular.  I mostly failed in that respect, but I did have at least one image that the class considered a “breakout image” for mean – meaning it was entirely different than my normal stuff.  It was this image:

One Detour
One Detour

For me, I saw the chaos f the signs everywhere, the juxtaposition of man vs. machine, and the irony of the sign on the church, the man reading it, and the “End Road Work” sign.  The instructor advised me to frame it and look at it often as a way to challenge my normal shooting patterns.  OF course it still has the triangular composition, and don’t even try to count the actual triangles in the picture.

Here’s the other photo’s I printed for the critique.  No contact sheet – it was turned in for grading.



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