Plans for 2015

9 days till Christmas…

As we approach the end of another year, it’s time to create a structured set of action items around the goals you set for 2015.  What?  You haven’t set goals yet?  The company HR system doesn’t do that until March, you say?  (Don’t laugh – I’ve seen them set in May for a calendar year!)  What I’m talking about your personal goals.

As I start looking at my goals for 2015 and evaluating this year, I’ve decided to make a change in my writing structure.  While I enjoy the freedom to write on whatever strikes me, I’m going to focus mostly on leadership,personal productivity, and achieving goals and dreams in 2015.  I’ll still have some posts on photography – maybe “Photo Fridays.”  And I’ll still have regular posts  on our progress towards sailing as applicable.

But I’ve been trying to maintain both this personal blog and a business blog, Lean Renaissance, since I started  Aaron Outspoken, and while I have been writing consistently, it hasn’t been consistently on both blogs.  So once I have the new site up and running, I’ll redirect from both the old blogs to the new site.

But as I work through the planning of this during the next few weeks and doing all the fun things to get the new blog set up, I’d like to hear from those of you who read my blog.  What articles do you like?  What topics do you wish I’d write about more?  What do you want me to stop blathering about?  Let me know in the comments.  Even things you’d like me to wrap up before 2015 – whatever it is, I’d like to hear it.

Thanks.  Now go set some goals for next year!



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