Photo Friday – 1.30.15

Walking in Paris - November 2014
Walking in Paris – November 2014

It’s taken a while, but here are some photos from my last trip to Paris in November 2014.  The ones that have a more “vintage” and softer look to them are from the FPP BW-200 stock I tried out.  It has a great look, and I plan to shoot it occasionally, but it doesn’t have the “pop” of most modern films.  It’s easier to shoot with more contrast and tone it down, but I think creating this particular look would be tough without Photoshop.  The others were shot on Ilford HP5; I bet you can tell the difference.

Since my photography class has ended and I really don’t care for winter, I haven’t been shooting as much, but I do have 3 or 4 cities on my calendar for February and March and a couple cameras to finish testing.  I also have a few odd rolls of color film to post.

All of these were printed by me on Ilford Pearl Multi-Grade stock and then scanned.  These were my first 5 x 7’s (everything prior as been 8 x 10’s), which I’ll be using more often now that class is finished.  A couple shots had an issue during developing – I think two sheets became stuck together in the tray.

What do you think of the FPP BW-200 stock?  Do you like the  look and feel of the photos?  Or do you prefer the higher contrast shots on the Ilford?


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