Today’s vinyl experiences

Here’s what has graced my ears today as I continue my way through my  playlist of recent vinyl acquisitions:

Album 1: 38 Special, Strength in Numbers



This was an OK album.  I know the group, I’m sure I’ll recognize some of their bigger hits, but off the top of my head I can’t name one.  The first song – Somebody Like You – was a familiar song.  other than that, just an OK album.  In prety good shape, and sounded very nice.

Album 2: The Who, Odds and Sods


As I played through this album, I really started to think something was wrong with my turntable.  Most of the songs are pretty heavily overdriven on the guitars, making it sound muddy.  That being said, there are some really good songs on this LP.  Now I’m a Farmer was fun, Put the Money Down, Too much of Anything, Naked Eye, and of course Long Live Rock were all great listens.  I look forward to playing this one again.

Album 3: Mr. Mister, Welcome to the Real World


Any concerns of the turntable being funky were quickly alleviated once the 80’s synth and guitar started on the first track.  Sharp, clean, and great imaging in the room.  As a child of the 80’s, this is from an era I should remember.  Stylistically, it sounds familiar, but I don’t specifically recall any of the songs until the second track on Side 2:  Kyrie. That was followed by Broken Wings, which I didn’t like in the 80’s.   However the song Is It Love could have been off one of my favorite 80’s albums: Gorky Park. Great sound, very clean, no static at all, but this mister is not a Mr. mister fan. Now if I could just find that Gorky Park release on vinyl….

Album 4: Kansas, Song for America


This album starts off more like Skynyrd or Charlie Daniels than what I know of Kansas; in fact, I checked the label to make sure I didn’t have the wrong album in the sleeve!      And check out the $4.44 original price sticker!  The rest of the album was typical Kansas soft rock, in my opinion.  If you like Kansas, I’m sure you’ll like this one.


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