Vinyl DISCoveries – 5.25.15

A few people mentioned  I should post these more often with less albums, so we’ll see how I do through the summer; I expect it to be easier to post regularly once the weather turns colder.

This weekend I finally got the shelving installed in the “Man Cave” as my wife calls it. Part home theater, part wine bar, part listening room, part home office.  So here’s what the back corner of the room looked like after I had 1,000 or so LP’s accumulated:

Accumulating vinyl....
Accumulating vinyl….

And then here it is today with the shelving installed:



Since I only have room for about 1,000 albums, the deal is I can keep as many as fits on the shelves, but no buying more until I have some space.  What I’ve been doing is keeping the LP’s that blow me away, and moving everything else on to new owners to enjoy.  Even so, at the current target pace of 20 per week, I’ve got a years worth of listening on the shelves now.  Which means it will be a few months before I buy any more (unless something really cool at a good price comes along!)  So here’s a couple of albums from today.


The Grateful Dead: Anthem of the Sun

Of course I’m familiar with The Dead, but this might be the first album recording I’ve ever listened to, and it is definitely my first LP.  Side one basically had me saying “I don’t get it.  How can so many people love this group so much?”  But then side two opened my ears.  It’s basically one long jam session, and I can see why people dig The Dead.  That being said, this one won’t hang around to join the other 21 albums currently in the “semi-permanent” collection.


War: The World is a Ghetto

This album starts of great with The Cisco Kid.  The rhythm of the drums, along with the harmonies and the sax; man what a great song.  I can hear some crackles from the vinyl in the quiet sections between tracks, and a little in the songs themselves.  But once the music gets going, I forget all about them.  “Where was you at?” I was right here listenin’ to this awesome album!   Side 1 finishes with City, Country, City, which is a 13 minute jam that alternates between smooth jazz and a driving funky jazz.    Unfortunately Side 2 has a skip early on, but the title track is a 10 minute experience.  Bottom line – this was a much better album than I expected, and I look forward to spinning it again soon.

I’m off to alphabetize some of the collection.  I’ll share a few more soon.







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