Vinyl Discoveries – 5.28.15

I took a break from my semi-random listening to play an album I just purchased today:  The Escape Club: Wild, Wild, West


In fact, I purchased a small lot of albums just to get this album.  I had this on CD as a teenager and it was one of a few that was always playing in my truck when I turned 16.

I still own that original CD, and it’s now the second of the 5 CDs I remember regularly listening to in High School that I have on Vinyl. The first was Led Zepplin IV.

As I put the album on the turntable, I started thinking about that old Chevy Luv I drove in high school.  Then, as I was running the brush across the groves before lowering the stylus, I had a memory of my family driving in our van with Shake for the Sheik playing.

At the first gunshot from Wild, Wild, West, I knew I just needed to grab a glass of wine and enjoy the trip down memory lane.  Once again, most of the songs sounded better in some way than I remember.

I quickly found myself singing along with most of the songs, which is how my wife found me when she came home, singing Who Do You Love? with a glass of wine in my hands.

And everything else had to stop when Only the Rain started.  I’ve got to learn that song on guitar, because it just appeals to me in a certain way.  Bluesy, simple, great vocal line; I sing that song occasionally even 25 years after I first heard it – and probably years since I’ve played the CD.

Both the cover and album look near-mint.  Unfortunately, the album has a few skips, and I can’t see anything visually in those spots.  I’ll give it a good cleaning and see what I can do to eliminate those, but honestly it sounds so good overall that the few skips are just a minor disappointment.

I never imagined I would find this on vinyl.  Now if I could just stumble across The Dan Reed Network and The Nylons…..

Jim Croce: Photographs and Memories


I’m pretty sure this was a Goodwill find not long after I started my journey into the world of vinyl.  I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this album. The audio quality is fantastic and it’s pressed on a pretty heavy vinyl, which seems even heavier after playing the Escape Club album from 1988.

Hmmm….I wonder if the move to thinner vinyl was in part to increase CD sales?  Often the thin vinyl doesn’t sound nearly as “full” and pleasing as heavier pressings.  The low end seems to suffer, and it seems to be less durable. Perhaps it was just a money-saving move, but I have no doubt at this point that the average LP from the 80’s and 90’s are less durable and overall lower sound quality than albums from the 50’s-70’s.  Ok – back to Jim.

Being a Greatest Hits album, there were several familiar songs like Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown, Time in a Bottle, Operator, and You Don’t Mess Around with Jim.  All of which sounded fantastic.  But then there were songs like Rapid Roy and Roller Derby Queen which I don’t recall hearing but I really enjoyed. Overall, an amazing album.

Both these will hang around in the collection, but I added another 33 albums today.  I have a few more than that many going to new homes soon, so the collection isn’t growing.  It’s just sooo hard not to keep buying when I find a deal.



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