Vinyl Discoveries 6.2.15

George Michael: Faith


This album is from my teen years, and as a teenage boy, I Want Your Sex was an appealing song at the school dances.   As I think back, I’m surprised they let that song be played….

Anyway, while not a musical masterpiece, I can’t deny that side one of the LP was pretty good.  Every song received significant radio time.  In fact, the aforementioned song is actually twice as long on the LP, and breaks free from purely a dance music song to something with a little bit of big-band feel.

The surprise discovery for me was Look at Your Hands on side 2.  Great guitar and piano lines in that song.  Then the song Monkey made me realize there were 5 songs that got significant airplay from this LP.  Oops – make that 6 – the final track Kissing a Fool is familiar too.

So I decided to check out this album a little more on Wikipedia.  To say it was a pretty well received album is an understatement.  It took a Grammy, 4 # 1 hits (Faith, Father Figure, One More Try, I Want your Sex), 6 top 5 hits (Including Monkey and Kissing a Fool) out of the 9 songs.  And now, 28 years later, I have to admit this is pretty good music, and amazing music to come from the musical desert of the 1980’s.

It helps that the vinyl itself  is very clean, but the songs really have a lot of variety and pretty good spatial imaging.  This wasn’t just a mass-produced pop album.  For me, this was a very pleasant surprise.  More of a surprise is that I can’t seem to part with it, so it becomes the 23rd LP in my semi-permanent collection.

The Doobie Brothers: Toulouse Street


When the first song started, I said “Oh, wow!”  Sometimes when I look at an LP, none of the song titles sound familiar, but then when I hear the song I realize you know it.  Listen to the Music was one of those songs for me.  Then the next song, Rockin’ Down the Highway, did the same thing.

The one song I did recognize by name was Jesus is Just Alright, and it sounded great.  Maybe our church band should try to get this one ready for those times when we play out in the community.    Disciple has some awesome guitar. Then Snake Man is a quick acoustic song that wraps up the album.

What can I say?  I discovered I’m a bit of a Doobie Brothers fan from this album, and it becomes #24 in my semi-permanent collection.

Here’s a handful of other albums that I listened to the last few days, but not extremely attentively:

Of these, the Simply Red album caught my attention the most, as it was all over the place and ranged from disco to blues stylistically, and the others just sounded as expected.  I’m actually surprised the Santana album didn’t capture my attention; I’ll probably have to revisit that one eventually.


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