Vinyl Discoveries – “Back from the Dead”

Since I started listening to vinyl again a couple months ago, I had more albums that had at least one “skip” somewhere on the album than I had ones that were so awesome I wanted to keep them for a long time.  I run every album through a VPI record cleaner before playing them.

VPI vacuum record cleaner
VPI vacuum record cleaner

No amount of cleaning had been able to resolve the skipping issues, and many of them had no visible scratches or defects, but they would still skip, and usually during a great song or the best part of a song.


You see, I didn’t want to give them away to be someone else’s problem, and many of them were in such great shape it was just hard to throw the first ones in the trash, so I started collecting the “bad” albums that didn’t look like they should be bad, I guess in the hopes of some day figuring out why they were skipping.


When a Janis Joplin album, with visible surface marks, skipped on my old turntable but not on my new one, I decided to go back through those albums which I hold in a specific section of the collection.

I’m glad I did. The first 4 albums I listened through exhibit no issues, the fifth did.  There are still another 21 albums to go through, and they’re the next in the queue.  I’ll do one summarized post later this week with the results.

I’ve also added 8 more albums in the last week, but I have more than 40 headed out the door, so I made progress the last week!


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