Vinyl Discoveries 6.15.15

Over the last week I added another 14 albums to the collection, and then my sister bought about another 60 at an auction for $18.  I’m not sure how many of those I will have space for, so some may be given away quickly, or I’ll cull something else to make room for what I want to keep.  For somewhere around 75 albums I’ll have spent $32 dollars, so I’m not too concerned if I have to pass something on before I get to listen to it.   Now on to today’s albums.

Alabama: Greatest Hits


This was an odd Greatest Hits album because they put two NEW releases on the album.  I’m not a huge country music fan, so a few of these songs weren’t my style, but I enjoyed the album as a whole.  It included the live version of Tennessee River, which I really enjoyed, and of course Mountain Music sort of seemed like an anthem in my high school, so it brought back some memories.

Robert Palmer: Riptide


This was an odd album.  It had a few songs I love, which were big hits, like Addicted to Love and I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On.  Trick Bag was sort of an odd song, but I liked it.   The songs were just all over the place.  Like he was experimenting stylistically.   I’m tempted to keep it, but not for two songs.

Deep Purple: Machine Head


On Side 1, Highway Star was a very familiar song, but overall this side of the album felt flat.  Guitar solos were buried in the back of the mix, the rhythm guitar was too present in the mix.   Side 2 was a little better, but unfortunately there’s a heavy scratch at the lead-in to Smoke on the Water that just obliterates the famous guitar intro.  Outta here.

Starship: No Protection


Not sure if this is my first Jefferson Airplane  Starship album, but this is a pretty good one.  Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now is the big hit, but my wife and I really enjoyed most of this album during dinner on the patio.  This album is also in excellent condition, so someone will enjoy it as part of their collection.


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