So where the flip have I been for the last year???

Good Question.  When I look at my last blog posts from 2015, I see it coincided with when I was on vacation.  Immediately before that trip, my grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.   During that trip, my wife became very ill, and those two illnesses sort of consumed our summer.  After that trip an aunt dies unexpectedly.  Then I changed jobs.  Then my wife’s grandfather died.  Then  another aunt was called home to The Lord.  After all that I was out of the habit of posting on either of my blogs.

I lost some joy in my life for a while.  I haven’t been taking many pictures.  My world travel ceased with the job change (which other than that has been an excellent move).  I took down my Lean Leadership blog.  It took my wife a while to get fully healthy again, so we hadn’t played golf for several months.  The Presbyterian church is really struggling with it’s identity and what it believes in, so I feel like I have no church right now because my wife has a long family history there.  I haven’t played guitar much at all since filling in with a local blues band last August.  I probably drank too much this winter (my wine cellar is literally void of “daily drinkers” right now) as I just sat in my man cave watching soccer and movies or listening to music.

On a positive side, we’ve made great progress on our debts via Dave Ramsey’s plan and Financial Peace University with only the mortgage left, and we’re aggressively attacking it.  We’ve led two FPU sessions, so hopefully helped a couple handfuls of families change their financial future too.  I’ve listened to a ton of vinyl, and still have a bunch more to listen to.  I got a lot of film developed from trips in early 2015 but have yet to catalog and process them.  The job is working out great, my wife is healthy, and I’m getting out of my personal funk.  I’m working on launching a new publishing line in my side hustle, so we’ll see how that goes over the next year.   I think it has the potential to be the income source during retirement, and maybe get us there just a little sooner.

So maybe my absence  was just a horrible case of the winter blues aggravated by the loss of my Grandmother.  We called her Nana, and I still miss her.  Travelling to my home town just feels weird, because she was usually my primary motivation to visit.  I’ve only been back twice in 8 months since she died.  So to Aunt Annie, Nana, Grandpa Don, and Aunt Noonie – I miss you all.

Maybe nobody noticed I wasn’t posting.  But you know what, this was helpful.  So if you read it, thank you.  Now let’s go have a great summer and live life Outspoken.



4 thoughts on “So where the flip have I been for the last year???

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Grandmother–grandmothers are golden, and I can’t wait to get to Heaven and be with mine 🙂 I just found your blog today–and I love your final words on this post: “Live life Outspoken”–YES! God bless you abundantly.


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