Craigslist Photography Score!

I grew up as a weekend “picker” of sorts.  It seemed like every week in the summer, I would spend my Friday and Saturday mornings going to various garage sales and flea markets with Nana and Ed.  “Ed” was my grandmothers common-law husband and the only grandfather I knew, as my biological one had passed before I was born.  Back then it was baseball cards, knives, and fishing gear that drew my eye.  “Old” cameras back then were really old, and as a kid I dreamed of having a 35mm SLR – so wanted to mess with those old box and folding cameras?  If I could go back in time knowing what I know now, cameras, cars, and guitars would be some of the things I’d pay more attention to now.

That part of my childhood coupled with growing up pretty well financially strapped ingrained the thrill of the hunt in me.  I’m a bit of a collector, too, so when a great deal comes up, I usually have to check it out.

Last night I picked up a pretty amazing score, in my opinion:

The recent haul of camera gear – booze and art not included!

Included in my haul of old-camera stuff is the following:

  • A Hanimex Amphibian 35mm with flash
  • Kodak Instamatic 104 in the box with flash and manual (126 film)
  • Kodak Instamatic 120 (110 film)
  • Three point-and-shoot 35mm from Pentax, Olympus, and Canon
  • And Elmo Super 104 Video Camera (worst part of the deal)
  • A Polaroid Swinger with box and Flash Bulbs
  • Two sears 35mm lenses – I don’t know what they fit…
  • A 55mm spot filter (fits some of my Minolta Lenses)
  • And a Canon T70 with the following accessories:
    • Vivitar 3500 Flash
    • 62mm Polarizing Filter
    • Quantaray 75-205mm f3.5 macro zoom
    • Quantaray 28-80mm, f3.5-4.5, auto macro zoom with UV filter
    • Five Star 75-200mm f4.5 zoom with UV filter (meh)
    • Quantaray 24mm f2.5 auto with 1A filter
    • Canon 25mm extension tube
    • Quantaray 7-element 2X converter
Another view of the latest score!

The best part of this deal:  It was only $45 for all of it.  There’s a lot more than $45 worth of fun in there for me!  I’m pretty excited by the T70, not for true sentimental reasons, but because it was a broken T50 that first got me back into shooting film.   After acquiring two lenses with that camera (the estate sale lady gave me 1/2 my money back!), I finally tracked down an AE-1 Program and started shooting.

I’m also excited about the Amphibian since we’re soon headed to the Outer Banks, and I think it will be fun to use it in the waves and maybe even the pool.  But I’m most excited about the 24mm wide-angle lens.  I have a Tokina 28mm which I like, but my initial looks through the finder with the 24mm are pleasing to my eye.

I just received a new shipment of film to add to the stash which included 20 Rolls of Fuji Velvia, 5 Rolls of Provia 100F, a roll of Fuji Natura 1600 (new film! new film! I can’t wait to try it out!) and 5 rolls or Portra 160 in 120 size, so I’m planning on shooting some this summer.  I plan on getting the Hanimex and the T70 cleaned up this weekend, and maybe shoot some with the Canon. I also have an FTb that I just started cleaning up and need to shoot a roll through it, as I want to take it on one of my trips this month.

I don’t know how many cameras I have now, but maybe I should try to run a roll through every one this year.  If I count the duplicate Maxxum 5’s which are my main cameras, it’s at least 17.  I’ll start looking for some good deals on film and give that a thought.  If I shoot camera-lens combos, I could probably do a different combo every week of the year…

I think it’s a great time to shoot film: deals abound, and with the availability of film on the internet, there is an amazing variety of film stocks to shoot.  Back in the day, I never would have found Natura 1600 – which is labeled in Japanese, or Eastman Double-X, which is a favorite B&W stock of mine.  It’s a little expensive for developing, but it’s a small price to pay for the permanence of the negatives and the happiness it brings while reliving the experiences.

Happy Shooting.




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