Independence Day – 1966


It’s something Americans have fought hard and died for; it’s part of what makes us who we are.  We were formed as a democracy and did not evolve from a nation that was originally some Monarchy or Socialist regime.  At our birth as a nation we were free.

Many men and women have paid the price to keep us free over the years.  Thank you to each and every one of you that have served, active or not.  To those that have spent time away from your families because they were serving – thank you.  For those who paid the ultimate price, may God bless you and your families and provide comfort to those you left behind.

This Independence Day, I want to share some photos from 1966 during the Vietnam War.  Many of the slides are dated July 1966, some earlier, some later that same year.  While not the exact date, all of these images I believe to be from 1966 – 50 years ago. If you recognize anyone, let me know so I can thank someone personally.

To those serving, past and present, thank you for keeping our Freedom.



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