Naples & Pompeii – BW 200


While I’m whittling away the number of cameras in my collection, I’m still working through sharing some older rolls of film that I had developed.  Most of them don’t have many – if any – images that I’m really happy with.  I don’t know if this reflects that I was growing weary of always travelling or the organization I was working in, but I just don’t feel quite as much inspiration in these shots.  I tried to think of a way to group them, but there’s a bunch of different film stocks, and the few common ones are not even remotely related subjects, so I’ll stick with sharing one roll at a time, even if it’s just a few images.

These images are from February 2015, and I was in the early stages of pneumonia during this trip.  I still managed to get out during the first week of the trip and see Pompeii, the underground aqueducts in Naples, attend a Napoli SSC match, and I did a couple quick walkabouts in Luzerne, Switzerland – but by then I was sleeping most of my free time.  I’ll share something from those Swiss images in an upcoming post.  The second week of the trip I don’t think I took any photos because I was so ill.  Plus I was in Paris – not my favorite city.  In fact, I think the only photos I’ve taken in Paris were in this post, the month before these pictures were taken.

This BW-200 film is from the Film Photography Project.  I’m not thrilled with the images, but like I said I’m not really fond of any images in this group of rolls.  After re-visiting this roll over a few days, I see some things to like.  It appears to have a decent lattitude, and can capture shadows in harsh lighting, but it still feels flat.  It’s a little grainier than Double-X, but maybe at the price of $4 per roll, it can be a good base for experimenting with filters.

This first image has some fogging, but I like what it does in softening that edge.  The day itself was rather gloomy anyway, but now 17 months later I can’t help but wonder what the right filter would have done for this shot.

Italy BW200 7.15.16-1
Near the market in Pompeii

The next two images are just basic Pompeii architecture – partial columns.  Amphitheater seating.  The amphitheater image just keeps drawing me back.  I guess it’s them combination of movement, texture, and shading from the partially wet stones that creates a wider tonal range than it would otherwise have, but this was just a gray day.


These three images capture more of the feel of both Naples and Pompeii for me – long narrow streets.  For the image on the right with the trees, I also liked the symmetry of the umbrellas with the umbrella design in the walkway in Pompeii.  The other two images are from the historic center of Naples.

I don’t know why I like the puddle.  Maybe it’s wet, has trash, shows an old phone booth, and the overhead lights and a building in the reflection, and it’s just not pretty, but it feels like Naples.  Same for the broken bottle.  There’s layers of security, but just outside the security is danger, and really, it’s inside the security, so is there really any true safety?

Then these last two images show some of the activity in Naples.  Even on a rainy weekend morning, there is some beauty that mixes history and the modern world.  The fish monger pouring water into his live clams captures what I love about Italy.  There’s still so much old-world feel in places, and the focus on fresh food is incredible.

While these images aren’t technically excellent,  they’ve done the job of why I partially shoot film – they bring back some emotion and memories about the time and place I was in at the time.


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