Wynwood Walls on Portra 400

The more I use Portra, the more I love it.  These evening shots from Miami’s Wynwood Walls area has me wanting to abandon most of the Fuji in the fridge, as well as try some Kodak Vision 3 500!  The film also lays extremely flat, so scanning is a breeze.

I developed these at home, and I’m hooked!  These are some of my favorite images in quite a while.

Regarding the Wynwood area, I wish i would have had more time there.  We had only had a couple hours during that business trip, but the shops and bars looked nice.  It was during the NBA finals and Copa America, and they were just starting to set up a bunch of food trucks and drink stands along with large screens to watch both games.  At 9pm, things were just getting started, but we had to head back.  I included a couple rough scans from a purely travel perspective- don’t love the images themselves, although they’re growing on me.


I definitely have some Wynwood shots on black & white, and there should be some more color shots that get developed eventually.  I’m starting to think that the other color roll may have been slide film instead of C-41, because I only have a couple rolls of C-41 left to develop.  If I had better notes, I’d know for sure, right?  But in some ways not knowing what’s coming out of the tank is part of the fun!

These shots might have been just a little better if I had a tripod; since I was shooting 400 speed film, I used whatever I could to stabilize my shots for the longer exposures needed.   I used my primary cameras, the Maxxum 5’s, on this trip.


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