Miami on Ilford HP5+

I developed these two rolls last night in D76 at a 1:1 dilution.  Since it was pushed to 800, the total process took me almost an hour to process two rolls, but overall I like the results. These shots are mostly from the Wynwood section of Miami, with a few from Doral and then a couple shots of the dogs to finish the roll once I returned home.

I was traveling with my boss, and we went to the Wynwood area specifically to take pictures.  Shortly after we arrived, we stopped by an old garage that had a mural of Muhammed Ali on one side, and something else on the other.  I was drawn to the interior of the garage, which was actually a boxing club.

Miami HP5-3
Last Round
Miami HP5-2

I believe it’s called the 5th Street Gym, and apparently Ali actually trained there at one point.  I probably could have stayed and burned an entire roll of film there.  Once we arrived at the Wynwood Walls, I was taking some pictures when a group of young ladies asked me to take their picture with one of their phones.  I agreed, asking for a picture for myself in return.  I actually like the varying levels of engagement they had, and think it makes it an interesting picture.

It used to feel a little odd asking to take people’s pictures, but it was my travel in Italy that got me past that.  I guess once I could ask in a foreign language, it wasn’t so tough at home.  Probably my biggest issue is withholding the urge to ask people now.  I find I’m slowly getting drawn more to people for my images.

Miami HP5-10
Returned Favor

We wrapped up the night at that little street fair, and of those few images, this one sort of grabbed me.  The idea of food trucks showing up at 9pm and staying until who knows when is just so weird and intriguing, but the group in this photo makes it seem like it’s commonplace there.

Miami HP5-16
Food trucks at night

I also found many of the images of murals to be very engaging, while my wife prefers the color images.  Most of them I either had in color or black & white, not both, so I guess some spoke to me in a specific way.  I apparently didn’t get the Ali mural….



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