Pictures from Kentucky – 2014!

I know I was shooting a lot of film two years ago, but I just unearthed 3 rolls that I hadn’t processed from the summer and fall of 2014!   This first roll is Portra 400, which is really becoming a favorite.  I knew this particular roll had been lost, but I assumed it had been damaged or lost in transit to  a film lab because I was sure it was shot on Fuji 400.  Turns out it was Portra.

We went down to visit my aunt and uncle in Lexington, and I shot a roll over the course of that trip.  We started with a mini pub crawl in downtown Lexington on a weekday afternoon.  Keep in mind, my relatives are retired but they like to have a good time.  Here’s a few pictures from downtown Lexington, early in our trip.  As the afternoon wore on, the photos stopped.

The next day, we went to a place called The Glitz.  The food was amazing, but it was also an upscale antique store as well that was housed in a former school.  My uncle calls it “upscale whore house” decoration or something like that.  It is rather gaudy, but memorable.

Kentucky 2014-4Kentucky 2014-5

The remaining shots are from around the farmlands near Lexington.  My wife didn’t even remember some of the shots, and frankly several of them were less than acceptable.   However, they still served their purpose: to bring back the memories of an experience and time spent with family.


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