The “Lost Roll”

Back in the summer of 2014, I had a weird mirror lock up on my Canon AE-1 Program.  It’s what led to me trying a bunch of 35mm SLR’s and eventually finding my Minolta Maxxum 5’s that were my go-to cameras for the last two years.  I got it fixed, and it never acted up since.  Once the lock-up was resolved, I finished out the roll.  But I never had it developed.

I distinctly recall trying out a Tokina 24mm wide angle lens on that roll.   As you can see from this photo, it had more than a bit of vignetting, but it sort of looks cool.

beach OBX 2014-8
Outer Banks Sunrise – Tokina 24mm lens

This is on Portra 160.  There are a handful of other sunrise and beach pictures, plus a few from the family picnic on the 4th of July.   I finished out the roll with some Super More pictures.  Absolutely none of them turned out.  I’ve since learned the moon is pretty bright, so everything is overexposed and the moon is blown out.  I need to work on some moon shots soon, because I don’t know how to do them yet.  Here’s that series of failed shots.

It’s great to finally see some of these shots, although nothing is really inspiring.  I’m starting to wonder what else I’ll uncover on the remaining backlog of exposed rolls.  I guess it’s probably part of the joy of film – the delay between shooting and realizing the final product – even if it’s not great.  The beach shots still take me back there.  I can always count on my wife’s uncle and his grandaughter playing corn hole – so having those photos is appropriate for memories of the July 4th picnic.

Honestly – i thought this roll was truly lost – I figured it was unsalvageable.  The only shot I lost was the one where the shutter stuck open.  A few showed some light leakage, but overall that’s not too bad.  I’m off to develop a couple more rolls.  Happy shooting!



One thought on “The “Lost Roll”

  1. I have tons of films sitting around for months, waiting to be processed, but what makes me happy is going back to those moments I have completely forgotten I have captured on film. 🙂 Love the colors on the sunset shots btw! 🙂


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