Living with Courage

When I think of a courageous person, the first thing that pops into my mind is the hero that saves someone’s life.  The firefighter that rescues a person from a  burning home.  The soldier that remains calm and acts bravely to save his fellow soldiers in a time of war.  The bystander that rescues a person from an accident or pulls someone to safety just before disaster claims their life or inflicts significant harm.

“Creative courage means not being content to let your Gift rot while pursuing a path that others have prescribed for you, creeping along in the safety of a status quo life”

-James Victore

Thinking about the quote above, each of us needs to have the courage to do whatever it is we want to do with our lives.  We need to pursue the things we’re called to do.  This idea of living a “safe” life is probably actually more detrimental to our happiness than facing our fears about uncertainties and trying to do something great.  Or just do something different.   How many people stay in crappy jobs because they believe there’s some sort of safety or stability in the job?

Almost every day, I experience people who are afraid to question the status quo.  They don’t believe they have the right to even question how things are done.  What have we created as a society?  Where will innovation come from if we aren’t constantly questioning the world around us?

Creative types are often thought of as “weird”.  Artists and musicians quickly come to mind, but almost all creatives are different in some way.  Their uniqueness is what draws people to them.  Perhaps they’re refreshing, or maybe they’re just so different we can’t imagine doing, saying, or creating the things they can, so we find that inspiring in some way.  Maybe it’s because it speaks to something we’ve repressed in ourselves.

Here’s the thing: I think all of us have some sort of unique quality within us if we’d just have the courage to let it out.  I’ve felt a small kind of fear each time I push the envelope, whether it was acting on stage, playing guitar in front of people or with a new band, publishing my book, giving a talk in a professional setting where I think I’m pushing the boundaries, or even writing this blog.  But each time I push through the envelope of fear and uncertainty, I find just a little more happiness.

So be a hero today.  Start getting in touch with your inner weirdness; find that thing you might have suppressed since you became an adult and had to “grow up.”  Look for a way to let your creativity shine, and in the process maybe you’ll save someone’s life.

The life you’ll save is your own.  Don’t accept average.  Make this one life you have great.

Be Creative.

Be Amazing.

Be Courageous.

Be You.



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