The Big Picture

I’ve been a little cranky today.  Summer’s winding down, my wife heads back to work this coming week, and it has been rainy and humid for several weeks.  One of my newest and most beloved cameras is apparently all but dead.  I had limited vacation time due to changing jobs last year.  Most of my church interactions this week were talking about religious politics.  All that has lead me to a point where I haven’t been in my best mood today.

The last week was a very busy week.  Mostly due to work-related things, but busy nonetheless.  On the vinyl front, after very few albums that skipped in the previous several months, I’ve had three this week. Two Eagles albums, and one of the Jackson 5 albums.  A bit of a disappointment.

On a positive note, I shot and developed a roll of film through the 700si.  It was a bit of a flat day light-wise, so nothing too interesting.  But the camera works great and I’m working on finding a new owner.

I also rescued a Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 from a warehouse.  After a quick clean and a pack of Impossible Project SX-70 film, it fired right up.  I’m not a Polaroid fan, so it’s on it’s way to a new home, complete with an original accessory kit.

I’m about caught up on my C-41 and black & white developing.   In fact, the three C-41 rolls I have to develop were all shot this weekend.  Unfortunately, roll #3 started a frustrating Sunday afternoon.  Once I loaded the roll of expired Kodak Max 400, I all of a sudden started having error messages on one of my Maxxum 7’s.   It is a known issue with the model, so maybe my affair with Maxxum 7 #2 will be short lived.  The search begins for a new #2, and I’m curious how the roll of film turned out, mostly because I have no idea how it was stored all these years.


I also developed a roll of Tri-X 400 that I shot with the Canon FTb QL that I remember thinking “why am I shooting a sunrise with black and white film?”  Well, I’m glad I did, because the results were very nice over the course of a couple days.

Even on a bad day, when i think about the big picture, I’m still having fun.  I feel like I’m getting close to making Portra 400 my go-to film for most occasions because I’ve been shooting enough to really figure out what I like.  I’ll still have plenty of Velvia 50, but I just love the results I get from Portra 400.

Speaking of “the big picture”: In the end, no matter what happens, it’s just stuff.  The cameras, the photos, the film; whether they work out as planned or fail it’s nothing that really matters.  More importantly, it’s old stuff, which is exactly why I have more than one of my favorite cameras.  If this Maxxum 7  hadn’t died, I wouldn’t have a great excuse to keep buying them occasionally.  Plus, it’s the one that was basically free after buying the other lenses, flash, and bag.

The bottom line is we’re here to glorify God.  Bad summer weather and an electronic gadget that malfunctions are not worth the worry.   I’ll keep shooting and praise God good or bad.  I’ve had a lot of great shots this summer, and I probably need to focus on getting a few of them printed to enjoy them more.  A new camera will show up when the time is right.  Until then I’ll keep shooting with my other Maxxum 7 and maybe the Maxxum 5’s that haven’t found new homes.

To wrap up, here’s some miscellaneous photos from a few rolls of film and a few different cameras this summer- a little dog heavy, but they’re my best models when testing things out!







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