Maxxum 7 the Third

After one of my Maxxum 7’s started having error messages, I started looking for a replacement. It arrived on Thursday, so on Friday I took it with me to Wheeling, WV to take some pictures of some vintage hydroplane racing boats.  Unfortunately it was only registration day, so no action shots, but I still enjoyed seeing the vintage boats.  I also spent a little time walking around Wheeling.

The good news is, the third Maxxum 7  seems to work well.  I’m starting to feel like with these cameras and Portra 400, I might never miss a shot again!   I guess I need to get rid of the faulty one soon.

The Dynax, The Defective, and the New Maxxum 7

All the photos were from two rolls of fresh Portra 400, and I was using a couple different lenses, either the 50mm prime or the Beercan 70-210mm f4.   Perhaps my favorite shots were reflections in the windows of a building in downtown Wheeling.   It just wasn’t something I was expecting to see, and the results on the film were as good as I saw in person.  In fact, most of the two rolls were not a disappointment.

There were also some fun shots from around Wheeling, which for the most part just feels like an old city, so it’s appropriate to be shooting vintage boats on near vintage cameras in such a city.  I enjoyed using the Maxxum so much that i didn’t even get the Hasselblad out of the case.   The Hassy takes great pictures, but I’m just so enamored with the Maxxum 7’s that I don’t want to shoot with anything else.

Then of course there were the boats.  I sort of want to see them racing again, but hopefully the New Martinsville River Heritage Days later this month gets me some good action shots.   Since they weren’t racing, i was able to get some close-ups in the pits and talk to some owners and inspectors.  I’m happy the camera worked well, and I’m going to try to shoot some more rolls of film through it soon, including some slide film.  I also have a roll of Provia 100F and Fomapan 200 that I shot on Maxxum 7-1, which is actually a Dynax 7.   Hopefully I get them developed this weekend as well.

If you’re interested, the boats are still racing tomorrow, Sunday September 4th.  Information is on the Wheeling Vintage website.


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